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Discussion Starters | Who Is God?

  • September 2023 Issue
Discussion Starters

We hope these questions will help you consider (or discuss with others) what God is teaching you through this month’s study of His Word.


  • How would you describe God? Brainstorm a list of everything that comes to mind. Ask God to open your heart this month to learning new things about Him from His Word.
  • Why do you think God is compared to light? Contrast light and darkness. Why do people choose darkness rather than light? (See Day 2)
  • The psalmist says that like a deer pants for water, his soul “pants” for God (Psalm 42:1). What type of emotion does that description evoke in you? Do you ever “pant” for God? (See Day 4)
  • There are many images in the Bible that describe God as being a place of safety (see Days 3, 5). Describe a time when God was a place of refuge for you.


  • In what ways is God like a lion? Does this image inspire comfort or fear in you? Why? (See Day 9)
  • If you are a parent, it is easy to see yourself in the image of God as a Parental Bird (See Day 11). How does it feel to imagine yourself as the baby bird in this image? Why is this image so important for the believer?
  • How is God like a shepherd? How are we like His sheep? (See Days 13 and 14)
  • Why do you think God used metaphors to describe Himself. How do they unlock truth for us about who God is?


  • In our May study on 1 Kings, we saw the failures of many earthly kings. What is the distinction of God as King? How is He unique? (See Days 15, 16)
  • Why does the potter choose to smash the clay and start over? Why might it make us uncomfortable to view ourselves as clay in the hands of God, the Potter? (See Day 17)
  • Contrast God as builder with human builders. Why are they similar? Why are they distinctively different? (See Day 18)
  • Today, we tend to describe God as loving and kind, but not usually as a warrior. Why is this metaphor of God as warrior so important to understanding His character? (See Day 19)


  • There are many references to vineyards and vine in Scripture (See Day 22). How are you staying connected to God? How are you nourishing that relationship?
  • How does God teach you today? How can you become a good student of our Lord Jesus? (See Day 23)
  • God is an artist! What aspect of God’s creation has captured you with its beauty? Describe a time when God’s handiwork stopped you in your tracks. (See Day 26)
  • Which images of God especially resonated with you this month? Did you learn anything new about God from studying these metaphors?