About Today in the Word

A ministry of Moody Global MinistriesToday in the Word strives to proclaim the truth of the Word consistently. In both online and printed formats, this daily devotional guide simply and boldly declares a biblical perspective on real issues that matter every day.

Through daily reflections on Scripture, profound monthly articles and sections answering reader questions, Today in the Word helps you to study and understand God’s Word. We believe that one of the keys to growth in understanding the Word is spending time studying the Word. This devotional publication is a tool to encourage your daily study of the Scriptures.


The print version of Today in the Word began in 1988 as a gift thanking the supporters of Moody Bible Institute and Moody Radio. The print devotional is distributed to prisons, shelters, churches and to anyone who requests a monthly copy.

Ways to apply Today in the Word

Here are some ways you can use Today in the Word to daily deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ ...