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Daily Devotional | Come, Let Us Rebuild: A Study of Nehemiah | An ancient stone wall with pillars Daily Devotional | Come, Let Us Rebuild: A Study of Nehemiah | An ancient stone wall with pillars

Discussion Starters: Come, Let Us Rebuild

  • October 2023 Issue
Discussion Starters

We hope these questions will help you consider (or discuss with others) what God is teaching you through this month’s study of His Word.


  • The book of Nehemiah describes how God’s people came together to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. What destruction are you living with in your life? What may need rebuilding? Commit those challenges in prayer to God today.
  • The first chapter of Nehemiah includes a prayer that can be a model for us today (Neh. 1:5­–11). Look closely at this prayer. Which of this prayer’s elements do you regularly include in your prayers? Which is most difficult for you? (See October 3)
  • Nehemiah worries that the king will not grant his request. Do you ever have roadblocks that stop you from following God’s call? How can we learn from Nehemiah’s example? (See October 4)
  • Have you ever been ridiculed for obeying the Lord? How did you respond? What are some good strategies for obeying the Lord even when we face shame or mocking? (See October 7)


  • Is there a task you consider “beneath you,” even if you wouldn’t put it in quite those terms? What can you do to develop humility and a heart to serve the Lord in any capacity? (See October 8)
  • How did Nehemiah react to opposition to their work? List those four points and consider how you can apply them to a difficult situation you may be facing. (See October 9)
  • Nehemiah challenged his leaders to live generously. Then he led by example. How does generosity mark your life? How can you lead by example? (See October 12)
  • How has God made you succeed in a way that shows His glory and goodness to unbelievers in your life? (See October 14)


  • Why were the nobles wrong to advocate for Tobiah? This presents a challenge for us today. How can we share Jesus with people and still stay separated from sin without compromise? (See October 15)
  • Why is it significant that the book of Nehemiah lists so many individuals? What does that tell you about God and His relationship with us? (See October 16)
  • When the people read God’s Word, they had a wide array of emotions, from weeping to joy. Why does God’s Word bring out an emotional response in us? Can you think of a time when you reacted with joy or weeping to Scripture? (See October 18)
  • What is the basic format of worship described in Nehemiah 9:1–5? How does that compare to our worship services today? 


  • When the building of the walls was complete, what was the people’s reaction? Did this mean that their life from then on would be smooth sailing? Why or why not? (See October 25)
  • Why was it so important for the Israelites to support the tribe of Levi? Do you think it is equally important for us to support our church leaders today? Why or why not? (See October 26)
  • The lack of giving to God’s work had a negative effect on the Temple and the community (See October 28). What role does giving play in your life? Why do you support what you do?
  • What is your biggest takeaway from the book of Nehemiah? Does God challenge you to do some rebuilding? How did this study encourage or challenge you toward that end?