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Tragedy and Triumph | A Study in 2 Samuel | A silver crown and a sword Tragedy and Triumph | A Study in 2 Samuel | A silver crown and a sword

Tragedy and Triumph Discussion Starters

  • August 2022 Issue
Discussion Starters

We hope these questions will help you consider (or discuss with others) what God is teaching you through this month’s study of His Word. 

Week 1

  • Are you surprised at David’s response to the news that Saul has died? Does he model a godly way to respond to God’s judgment? (see Day 1)
  • Do you sometimes live in a denial of death? How does David’s lament help him process through the deaths of Saul and Jonathan? (see Day 2)
  • When faced with a difficult problem is your initial reaction to try to formulate a plan or come up with a strategy? What do we learn from David’s example? (see Day 3)
  • Is there a time that you have had to wait upon God? What was most challenging and most rewarding in that experience?
  • Take a few minutes and reflect on your own position toward worship. Are you more like Uzzah, Michal, or David? What are things that hinder you in your worship of God?  (see Day 7)

Week 2

  • Have you ever struggled with defining your spiritual value based on what you do for God instead of what He has done for you? (see Day 8)
  • What is your most significant source of hope in life? (see Day 9)
  • Can you think of an example in your life of the truth that what seems most important to us is not always what is most important to God? (see Day 10)
  • Have you ever had to keep a promise even when it cost you significantly? (see Day 11)

Week 3

  • What are some ways that you have seen authority abused? How does David’s poor example of using authority remind us of how it should be rightly used? (see Day 15)
  • Have you ever prayed desperately for something you cared deeply about and the answer you received was a resounding “no”? How did that impact your relationship with God? (see Day 16)
  • What is the difference between justice and revenge? How was that distinction important in David’s life? (see Day 18)

Week 4

  • Read Psalm 3. How does this psalm provide insight into this dark period of David’s life? (see Day 21)
  • Have you ever stopped to consider what your legacy might be? What would you want to be remembered for? (see Day 24)
  • Is there a time you have experience the power of forgiveness to heal a relationship? (see Day 26)