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November 2021 - Header Graphics for Today in the Word Daily devotional Our God Reigns: A Study of Micah - A purple hue view of space, with the sun coming up on the earth .

Discussion Starters | Our God Reigns

  • November 2021 Issue
Discussion Starters

We hope these questions will help you consider (or discuss with others) what God is teaching you through this month’s study of His Word.

Week One:

  1. How does our idea of justice differ from God’s justice? (see Nov. 2)
  2. What are some idols that people still worship today? (see Nov. 3)
  3. What does it mean to love God and love others, as Jesus summed up the Old Testament? (see Nov. 4 and 7)
  4. What kind of prophet did the people prefer? Hint: It has to do with “wind and lies” (see Nov. 5)

Week Two:

  1. Do you get uncomfortable reading about God’s judgment? Why? (see Nov. 9)
  2. What is the relationship between God’s wrath and God’s mercy?
  3. Has your walk with God been a straight incline? If not, explain why. (see Nov. 12)
  4. How does discipline demonstrate God’s love? (see Nov. 13)

Week Three:

  1. What do the prophetic passages in Micah and Isaiah teach you about Jesus? (see Nov. 15 and 16)
  2. What “aroma” do Christians give to others? How have you seen people respond to your testimony of faith? (see Nov. 17)
  3. What are some things that you place your security in? How might that affect your relationship with God? (see Nov. 19)
  4. Has there been a time when you’ve seen God’s protection when He seemed to change your path? (see Nov. 21)

Week Four:

  1. Why is it significant that God tells His people that they already know what He requires of them? (see Nov. 23)
  2. Why is it important that God takes responsibility for causing His people to suffer through His disciplining them? (see Nov. 24)
  3. What encouragement is there in the judgment passages in Micah?
  4. With whom do you most identify in the book of Micah: Israel’s leadership, the oppressed people, or Micah? Why?               

BY Dr. Russell L. Meek

Russell Meek teaches Old Testament and Hebrew at Moody Theological Seminary. He writes a regular column on understanding and applying the Old Testament at Fathom Magazine, and his books include Ecclesiastes and the Search for Meaning in an Upside-Down World and the co-authored Book-by-Book Guide to Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary. Russ, his wife, and their three sons live in northern Idaho.