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Daily Devotional | Unlikely Leaders - a stack of sharp 31 pencils with one blue lead sticking above the rest on a blue background. Daily Devotional | Unlikely Leaders - a stack of sharp 31 pencils with one blue lead sticking above the rest on a blue background.

Unlikely Leaders Discussion Starters

  • June 2023 Issue
Discussion Starters

We hope these questions will help you consider (or discuss with others) what God is teaching you through this month’s study of His Word.


  • What is a leader? Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not?
  • Think of two situations where you serve in a leadership role: one as an organizational leader and one as a life leader. In what ways are these two leadership roles different? In what ways are they similar?
  • Leaders like Noah, Abram, and Moses faced big challenges. They followed God into unknown situations. What can we learn from their stories? (See Days 2, 3, 5)
  • Who are some people who have helped you on your faith journey? Why were they influential in your life? (See Day 6)


  • Joshua stated that he and his household would serve the Lord. How can we create an atmosphere in our home that is focused on serving God? (See Day 9)
  • Why did God decrease the size of Gideon’s army? What was He trying to show Gideon? How does this apply to us today? (See Day 11)
  • How did Ruth show empathy for Naomi? What does empathy look like in our lives? And, why is it important to leadership? (See Day 12)
  • Think of a time when you voted or chose a leader. How did you pick? What can we learn from Samuel and his appointment of David? (See Day 14)


  • It is difficult to read the story of Daniel and the fiery furnace and not think about the pressures in our current culture to conform. What can we learn from Daniel’s example? (See Day 16)
  • Why is trust important for leaders? List three ways you nurture trust as you lead.
  • What would they say if someone had a few moments to introduce you and your leadership style? What would you hope they would say? Now, what do you need to change so your life can match their words? (See Day 18)
  • How can you turn the spotlight off yourself and turn people’s eyes toward Jesus? (See Day 19)


  • Are you a risk taker? Or are you more of a safety-first person? How does our decision to follow Christ challenge our natural behaviors when it comes to risk taking? (See Day 21)
  • In which of your relationships do you find it challenging to lead like Jesus with service, humility, and love? What is one thing you can do to strengthen that relationship?
  • What task do you struggle to do? How would this change if you approached it as Jesus would? (See Day 25)
  • What have you learned about being a godly leader?