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Daily Devotional | In the Beginning | Genesis Part One | The Sun coming over the earth. Daily Devotional | In the Beginning | Genesis Part One | The Sun coming over the earth.

Discussion Starters | In the Beginning

  • January 2024 Issue
Discussion Starters

We hope these questions will help you consider (or discuss with others) what God is teaching you through this month’s study of His Word.

DAY 1 How do the two truths mentioned in today’s devotional shape our understanding of God? Of ourselves?

DAY 2 What does Genesis 1:24–2:3 teach about our identity? According to the Bible, how are animals and humans alike? How are we different?

DAY 3 Why is it important that God gave Adam and Eve a choice? What else do we learn about the way God viewed us as His creation?

DAY 4 What do we learn about the serpent’s methods Genesis 3? How does this help us guard against Satan’s lies today?

DAY 5 What did Adam and Eve’s sin reveal about God’s character? Try to imagine a world without sin. We would hardly recognize it. What would it be like to have friendships, work, and an environment that were unspoiled by sin?

DAY 6 Why did God accept Abel’s sacrifice and not Cain’s? What does this teach us about the way we approach God in worship?

DAY 7 What stands out to you as you read through these genealogies? How does the Christian view of death differ from the world’s view? What impact does that have on the way we live today?

DAY 8 What are the three possible interpretations for Genesis 6:1–8? What was the consequence of this sinful act?

DAY 9 What does the story of Noah and the ark teach us about God? His view of sin? What do you need to correct about your own understanding of God’s character?

DAY 10 What are you giving thanks to God for today? How can you celebrate and share God’s goodness with others in a tangible way?

DAY 11 Why did God place a rainbow in the sky? What promise did it contain?

DAY 12 Did you find any surprises in this genealogy? For further study, look up information on Egypt, Canaan, Assyria, and the Philistines on the internet or in a Bible encyclopedia!

DAY 13 What is the danger of pride? How do the lessons in Genesis 11 contradict our modern culture’s view of success?

DAY 14 Describe the blessing that God gives to Abram. Why did God choose Abram to fulfill this promise? What does that tell us about how and why God calls us today?

DAY 15 Have you ever been tempted to manipulate circumstances to get a desired result, even when you have already committed the situation to God in prayer? How does Abraham’s story speak into our need to trust God?

DAY 16 Compare and contrast the choices of Abram and Lot. What can we learn from their decisions?

DAY 17 Why did Abram react to the King of Sodom by saying, “I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the strap of a sandal” (v. 23)?

DAY 18 Why did gazing up at the stars help Abram’s faith? Take a moment to step outside tonight and worship the Creator.

DAY 19 How does Abram typically respond to God’s promises? Are we anything like Abram? What gets in the way of trusting God’s Word?

DAY 20 What did Abram and Sarai do wrong? What was the consequence of their sinful action? What is the key takeaway from Hagar’s story?

DAY 21 Why were Abraham and Sarah’s new names so significant? What does today’s reading teach us about how we should respond to God’s promises?

DAY 22 Do you sometimes struggle to believe God’s promises? How can Sarah’s story encourage your own?

DAY 23 Why did Abraham find the judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah so distressing? What can we learn from Abraham’s interaction with God?

DAY 24 Why did Lot and his family struggle with leaving Sodom and Gomorrah? How can we be in the world and not “of it”? What does that look like for us?

DAY 25 Why did Abraham and Sarah continue to doubt God’s promise and protection? What mistakes did they make?

DAY 26 What was Sarah’s response to the birth of her son? Why do you think God made Abraham and Sarah wait so long to see His promise come true?

DAY 27 Why did the tensions between Sarah and Hagar increase as Isaac grew older? What does this chapter teach us about the lingering effects of sin?

DAY 28 How does Abraham react to this impossible command from God? How does Isaac react? How does this event foreshadow God’s sacrifice of His Son, Jesus?

DAY 29 Do you have trouble waiting for God to fulfill His promises to you? What can you learn from Abraham’s story? Can you give an example of a time you stepped out in faith, trusting in God?

DAY 30 What did the servant do when given a task that was both difficult and extremely important? How can his example help us when we are faced with important decisions?

DAY 31 What stories in Genesis have left the biggest impact on you? What are your key takeaways from this study?