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Five Easy Ways to Make Time for God

  • January 2021 Issue

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Do you want to spend time on what’s most important, but find that less important things keep getting in the way?

Spending time with God each day strengthens us spiritually as we read the Bible and pray. Regular Bible and prayer time helps center us on God’s purpose and reminds us that we aren’t alone. God’s Word gives us wisdom to make good choices, and time with Him helps keep us strong.

We should spend time with God because we love Him. We all know that when you have a relationship with someone, it’s important to spend time with that person. Talking with them regularly helps grow and build closeness. In the same way, our relationship with God should be the most important one in our life and we should love our time spent in His presence.

Because life can be busy, it is helpful to create a routine of having time with God each day. Here are five easy ways to help you make regular time with God a part of your daily routine:

1. Begin your day with prayer

God is the greatest resource we have in life, and we have the privilege of talking to Him. Let’s utilize that wonderful gift, and ask God to help us make Him a priority each day. Don’t stop with your morning prayer, but speak to God throughout the day. Whether you are driving, walking, washing dishes, or exercising, praying throughout the day helps establish God as a part of your everyday life.

2. Set aside time in the morning

When we set aside time for God at the end of the day it can be easy to push it aside. There is always a list of things to be done, and it is easy for the things at the end of the list to get neglected. If we move God time to the morning, He becomes the first thing of our day. God becomes a priority. Try setting your alarm just 15 minutes earlier. Then, use those quiet moments to begin your day with prayer or reading your Bible.

3. Schedule an appointment with God

If you have a calendar or a planner physically write it in your time with God. Make it a set-in-stone appointment that you cannot and will not move. Or set a reminder on our phone to go off at the same time every day. Make your time with God official and not just a thought. Make it concrete. Give time with God the same respect as an important meeting. Don’t view God time as something that might happen if you have time, view it as a vital appointment for which you can’t be late.

4. Use a daily devotional

Daily devotionals are a helpful way to structure your reading of God’s Word and better understand Scripture. Find a devotional that works for you that you can follow along with Bible reading each and every day. Many devotionals are available in audio and written formats – even digital apps! Today in the Word is a free daily Bible study devotional, with a new topic in Scripture each month. You can sign up for the Today in the Word devotional and choose the way you’d like to subscribe!

5. Study with a friend

There are many things you can do to remind yourself to spend time with God. You can set alarms, write sticky notes, or leave your Bible in plain sight, but one of the best things you can do is have a friend who you can trust to keep you on track. Find someone who will push, be honest with you, and wants to see you grow. You don’t necessarily have to study together or the same thing. But you can check in once a week to see how your time is going, and to share with God is teaching you!


BY Kennedy Henderson

Kennedy Henderson is a Communications student at the Moody Bible Institute. She is currently a senior with a focus on writing and marketing. Kennedy is passionate about glorifying God through written words and serving others to know Him better. In 2019, she married her best friend, Noah. Originally from Michigan, she loves spending time exploring the outdoors and going on road trips to the National Parks. Kennedy hopes to travel as much as she can, meet as many people as she can, and write for as long as she can.

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