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Christian Households


“When I was 10, all I’d ever known at home was chaos,” said pastor and author Tony Evans. However, things changed after his father put his faith in Christ. His mother was against her husband’s newly found faith. But, over time, she was impressed by his patience, commitment to reading God’s Word, and Christ-like attitude. One night, she admitted, “I want what you have because it must be real.” His dad, then his mother, followed by Tony Evans and his siblings, all came to know Christ as their Savior. Evans says, “The impact of a father on a home, the impact of a husband on a marriage, and the impact of a man on a church or community can’t be emphasized enough.”

In his letter to the Ephesians Paul gives instructions on how to establish a Christian household. The beginning verse expresses how each member of a Christian family ought to relate to one another. When Paul speaks of submission in verse 21 he is urging family members to treat each other with respect and humility. He goes on to paint a picture of selflessness and servanthood where a family tries to “out-serve” one another.

Verses 22–24 are directed specifically to wives and verses 25–33 focus on husbands. Both husbands and wives are to consider that they treat their spouse in a similar way to how they treat the Lord. He is at the center of our relationships. Many books have been written and sermons preached on these verses, but it is always important to keep verse 21 as our focal point. When all members of a family make it a priority to serve one another, look out for one another, and to think of others more highly than themselves, we will become the wives and husbands God intended us to be.

>> For some, these verses may be difficult. We are to “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” (v. 21). How will you put others ahead of yourself today?

BY Chris Rappazini

Chris Rappazini is the associate professor and program head of the BA and MA in Pastoral Studies at Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary. He is the vice president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and previously served as the associate minister of preaching and teaching at Southside Christian Church in Spokane, Washington. Chris and his wife, Ashley, and their three children reside in Northwest Indiana.

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