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Praising God for Answers


Questions knock on the door of our lives every day, some simple and some complex. Sometimes we know the answers. Sometimes we can only find them after searching. Other times we are left scratching our heads. But when we do find an answer, how quick are we to praise the Lord?

In today’s text, King Nebuchadnezzar was seeking for answers to a puzzling dream that was keeping him up at night (v. 1). All the king’s wizards and astrologers were also searching for the answer. When faced with the king’s order to give him the correct interpretation or die (v. 5), they responded, “There is not a man on earth who can do what the king asks!” (v. 10).

That statement opened the door for God’s man, Daniel. Because of his personal relationship with the Almighty, Daniel was not only able to tell the king what his dream was, but also what it meant. When the king’s men attempted to put him to death, Daniel spoke, “with wisdom and tact” (v. 14). Then he did the one thing he always did when needing guidance, he prayed (vv. 17–18). That night, the Lord gave Daniel the answers and he praised “the God of heaven” (v. 19). The magi were right, no man on earth could do what the king requested, but this was a simple task for “the God of heaven.”

After the mystery was revealed, they praised God with words that reflected the very nature of His supreme rule and reign. They highlighted God’s wisdom, power, authority, omniscience, and might. They also praised God because He gave Daniel “wisdom and power” (v. 23). Praise God that He continues to give His followers wisdom to know what to do and the power to do it.

Apply the Word

When challenging situations come your way, perhaps you can pause and pray like Daniel did: “Lord, give me the wisdom I need, and the strength to endure.” If answers do come your way, don’t forget to praise the Lord. In His goodness and grace, He chose to reveal a mystery that could have kept you anxious and stressed.

BY Chris Rappazini

Chris Rappazini is the associate professor and program head of the BA and MA in Pastoral Studies at Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary. He is the vice president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and previously served as the associate minister of preaching and teaching at Southside Christian Church in Spokane, Washington. While currently on sabbatical from teaching at Moody, Chris and his wife, Ashley, and their three children reside in Texas.

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