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In God We Trust In God We Trust

In God We Trust


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an indispensable part of modern life. It is part of our phones, cars, airplanes, and even agricultural harvesting equipment. This technology was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to assist the military. But today, the thirty-two active GPS satellites impact most people every day. How else would we find our way?

In Psalm 25, David describes a world that is difficult to navigate. At every turn, he was threatened by enemies (v. 2), snares that could entrap him (v. 15), general afflictions and anxieties (v. 17), and his own sins and iniquity (vv. 7, 11, 18). In this dangerous and confusing world, David looked to God for guidance. “Show me your ways, Lord​, teach me your paths” (v. 4). He knew that God, “guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way” (v. 9). God’s ways are “loving and faithful” (v. 10). Therefore, David trusted God to lead him in the right direction (v. 12).

David prayed for forgiveness (vv. 11, 18). He knew the dangers he faced were not just the threats of the enemy, but the deceitfulness of his own heart. He was aware of his wrongdoings (vv. 7, 11). This knowledge did not lead him to despair, but drove him into the arms of God. He was reminded not only of his need for forgive- ness but also of his need for a Savior (vv. 5, 15).

David’s confession was rooted in his faith in the Lord. “In you, Lord​ my God, I put my trust” (v. 1). Even while surrounded by dangers and enemies, his “eyes are ever on the Lord​” (v. 15). The good news is that this truth is not just for David, but for all of God’s people.

Pray with Us

“In you, Lord​ my God, I put my trust.” May these words from Psalm 25:1, today’s Scripture reading, be our prayer today! Ask God to increase your faith and trust in Him, even when you face trials and hardships.

BY Ryan Cook

Dr. Ryan Cook has taught at Moody Bible Institute since 2012. He earned his bachelor of arts in Bible and Theology from Moody and his master of arts in Old Testament from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He has worked in Christian education and served as a pastor in Michigan for seven years. During his time as a professor at Moody, he earned his doctorate from Asbury Theological Seminary. He now lives with his wife, Ashley, and their three children in the Chicagoland area.

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