Aug 2017 Issue

  • Images of Light and Darkness in Scripture
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Light and its reflections help create timeless masterworks of architecture. In the 20th century, American architect Louis I. Kahn transformed architecture and continues to inspire architects today with his use of light to define the building, elevating it from functional to extraordinary.

This month in Today in the Word, as we study images of light in the Bible, we’ll see that Christ is the ultimate Light for the nations, transforming lives and calling us to His truth. We’ll note that His Word gives light, guides, and protects. It elevates the worth of a life. The Bible also warns us that sinners rebel against the light and call it darkness, but we can rejoice that Christ rescued us from the darkness of our sin and brought us into His glorious light. God turns darkness into light!

Thank you for staying with us on our journey through the Bible with Today in the Word. Your prayers and financial support make this ministry possible. We pray this month’s topic will encourage you amid the troubles of this world, reminding you that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5). We hope this study will help you walk in the light of Christ and reflect it to others!


Executive Editor: Bruce Everhart; Managing Editor: Heather Moffitt; Contributing Editors: Jamie Janosz, John Koessler; Writer: Brad Baurain; Art Director: Lynn Gabalec; Graphic Designers: Larry Bohlin, Rachel Hutcheson; Business Manager: Paul B. Currie; Marketing Manager: Claire Kniowski

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