Designed to Create


We know God is creative because we see His handiwork on display everywhere around us. Witness a spectacular sunrise, or a sunset that is an explosion of color. Each tiny snowflake is perfectly formed of crystals. Rock canyons have layers of earth sculpted into formation. Who can doubt that the almighty God we serve is an artist? Is it any wonder then we, too, are designed to create?

In today’s passage, Moses held a meeting of the Israelites. After gathering the entire community, he presented the task before them: they were to build a grand and beautiful tabernacle as a dwelling for God on earth. First, Moses asked everyone to contribute, instructing them to give their very best (vv. 4–5).

Second, Moses instructed those who were “skilled” (v. 10). Certainly people were needed who could do labor and construction, but they also needed people with the ability to make each part with beauty, attention, and detail. These craftsmen would make the ark, the table, the lampstand, the altar, the curtains, even the tent pegs. Everything is to be done according to plan, with no expense or effort spared.

The people who were “willing” and “whose heart moved them” brought an offering in obedience to the Lord’s call (vv. 20–21). Notice the interplay between following God’s call and their joyful contribution from their hearts (v. 29). Both men and women offered their time, talent, and treasure to make the tabernacle a colorful and beautiful place for the Lord to dwell.

The final verses of this chapter emphasize that creative skills and teaching talents are bestowed by God. Bezalel was filled with the “Spirit of God . . . to make artistic designs” (vv. 31–32).

Apply the Word

God has made us in His image. If He is a creative God, it means you have creativity in you as well! Whether you are a skilled artisan or a novice, take time to enjoy this God-designed part of yourself. Sing. Paint. Color. Sew. Build. Write. Cook. Use your creative skills in a way that honors God with all your heart and blesses others.

BY Jamie Janosz

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