Designed for His Glory


During a ceremony to receive the Most Valuable Player award, NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant gave a victory speech that paid tribute to his mother, Wanda Pratt, who supported and inspired him despite the hardships their family faced. “You made us believe. You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP,” he said.

Like a child paying tribute to his parent, we are designed to glorify our Creator. In the preceding chapter of Isaiah, God addressed His people’s disobedience. The opening verses of chapter 43 indicate an important contrast. Even though Israel had sinned (42:24), they were still God’s creation (43:1). And the God who had created and formed them would finish the work He began; He would not abandon them.

God is connected to His people. He has a vested interest in them. And because He loves them and knows them, they should not fear. They can count on God’s presence even in the most dire circumstances (v. 2). Being God’s child does not guarantee freedom from difficulty, but we can be assured that He will be present with us.

Like a parent defending her offspring, God will act in our defense. God went before His people in battle (vv. 3–4). He rescued them from their oppressors. They were not only created by God, they were also “precious and honored.” God’s love for His people is clearly stated in this passage.

Look at this glorious reunion, calling all of the sons and daughters of the Lord “from the ends of the earth” (vv. 6–7). What a grand assurance that, despite our failure, we can know that we are loved by God. We have been created and formed by Him. He has called us to Himself. And we will be used to glorify His name.

Apply the Word

In addition to the reminder that our lives are called to glorify our Creator, this prophecy from Isaiah speaks tremendous words of comfort. Read Isaiah’s reassurance: not only does God know you, He will be with you no matter what difficulty you may be facing. No matter how severe the problem, your God is present and will sustain you.

BY Jamie Janosz

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