Designed to Help One Another

After a car crashed and rolled down an embankment in Palm Bay, Fla., people stopped to see if they could help the victim. The vehicle then caught on fire, and police were not immediately at the scene. Time was of the essence and the embankment was steep, so a dozen people grabbed hands and formed a human chain. Together, they pulled the driver up the steep hill to safety.

This letter to the Corinthians describes the importance of working together, comparing believers in Christ to a human body. The physical body is one unit that is composed of many distinctive parts. God created each individual part of the body to be necessary. They work together in order for the body to function successfully. This is also true for the body of Christ. While we may sometimes view ourselves as independent and unique, God has designed us to work together as one cohesive unit and to help one another in our spiritual journey.

The apostle Paul imagines what might happen if our human body parts were able to speak. The foot gets quite rebellious in verse 15, suggesting it will leave the body because it is not a hand. In a bit of humorous absurdity, the text asks, What if the entire body was an eye or an ear? Of course, the answer is ridiculous. That could never be! It couldn’t function! Every part of the body is important and relies on the other. The point is clear. We should realize that we rely on each other.

This changes the way we value each member. We should have “equal concern” for each other (v. 25). This also negates division within the body of Christ. We are designed by God to work together. We are individually gifted and united in purpose.

Apply the Word

Have you ever been envious of the gifts given to someone else? Have you ever insisted that things in the church be done your way without accounting for the perspective of others? Have you tried to live the Christian life on your own apart from the community of believers? Today, commit to serving in unity with your fellow members of His body.

BY Jamie Janosz

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