Designed to Delight in Nature


When asked to name the most beautiful natural scenes in the world, a group of travel readers selected Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in Ryfylke, Norway. The cliff rises nearly 2,000 feet above the Lysefjord and juts out, providing a stunning view of lakes and mountains— with no safety rails! More than 150,000 visitors visit Pulpit Rock each year.

God has created an abundance of natural beauty in our world, and we are designed to delight in it. The psalmist rejoices in a God who answers prayer and forgives sins (vv. 1–3). He describes those as “blessed” who choose to come and worship God in His temple (v. 4).

The answers of God, says the psalmist, are seen in nature. God reveals Himself in the beauty and wonder of creation. “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders,” he exclaims (v. 8). As created beings, is it any wonder that we are drawn to God’s creation? We see His hand in the mountains, the seas, and the waves (vv. 6–7). To believers, they are a reflection of the God who formed them with the same care.

The psalmist also notes that God’s care for us is seen in the way He sustains the natural world. God cares for the land, so that it, in turn, can provide and sustain us (vv. 9–13). Certainly that increases our incentive to care for it as well.

The tone of this psalm is one of joy. When we gaze upon the wonders of creation, we do not feel oppressed and weak. Instead, we are filled with wonder and singing. We recognize God’s “bounty” and “abundance” clearly displayed in the world around us (v. 11). We are designed to delight at this evidence of His hand.

Apply the Word

Beautiful sunsets. Snow-covered mountains. A springtime flower or buds on a tree. Each of these wonders points us to our Creator and fills us with His hope. Thank God today for His provision for us through the beauty and sustenance of nature. If you are able, make time to be outside and appreciate His beauty in the world around us.

BY Jamie Janosz

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