Designed by God

Unimate was the first industrial robot, invented in 1961, to work with heated die-casting machines on the General Motors assembly line. The 4,000-pound robot performed tasks that humans could not safely do, such as loading and unloading heavy materials. But even with all of their technical advancements, inventors have not been able to replicate the complexities of a human being.

Scripture tells us human beings came into existence as a deliberate act of creation by God Himself. As the second chapter of Genesis begins, “the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array” (v. 1). An enormous level of creativity and detail went into the creation of everything we know on Earth and everything in the heavens beyond.

In these first moments of creation, God used springs to water the Earth rather than rain (v. 6). As God surveyed His work, He decided to create a caretaker for this majestic creation, someone to oversee the planting and harvesting of this abundance (v. 5). God completed His masterpiece of creation with a human being.

God formed man out of the dust of the earth (which was also God’s creation). But this shape was not a living being; at this point, it was little more than just an elaborate clay container. In verse 7, we read that God Himself breathed into man’s nostrils. Only God could create life from nothing. We were formed by God and breathed into life by Him.

On the seventh day, after creating the oceans, the land, the sky, the creatures, and every living thing, God chose to rest. Did God need rest? Was He tired from overexertion or too much thinking? No. An omnipotent God would not get weary. Rather, He ordained rest as a part of His creation. Then, God declared His work complete (v. 2).

Apply the Word

Look closely at your hand. Notice the detail of each knuckle and fingernail. Bend your fingers and observe the way your hands grip and stretch. While scientists are able to form robotic arms, they do not have the capacity of the human hand. You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank God today for the care He took in your creation.

BY Jamie Janosz

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