God Is Faithful: Creator of Heaven and Earth

  • January 1, 2014 | Isaiah 40:10–31

A nighttime glimpse of the starry sky, a sunrise over the ocean, a snow-capped mountain peak: these scenes of natural wonder have inspired poets and artists and scientists—and all the rest of humanity—and should draw our attention to the character of God. Surely it is miraculous that a God who created all of these things could also care about the lives of mere mortals.

The wonder of creation points not only to the majesty and grandeur of God, but also to His faithfulness. God designed and created marvels of our natural world, and He also faithfully sustains them. The sun rises and sets each day. The tides go out and come in. The seasons continue their rhythm.

Today’s passage poses a question that highlights God as the Creator and Sustainer of life: “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens?” (v. 12). God defies our limited, our earthly understanding. He holds the earth in His capable hands. Isaiah challenges us to know the “Sovereign Lord” (v. 10).

This same God also gently gathers the lambs in His arms (v. 11). What a remarkable juxtaposition: God is not the great “watchmaker” who composed a universe and then ignored it. The God whose arm is strong enough to rule in power is also tender enough to cradle a new mother and her child. This is a faithful God.

Throughout this chapter, God’s faithfulness is described. God is constant and has existed before the earth (v. 21). He is incomparable, yet faithful to be present with His people. No one and nothing is His equal (v. 25). The mighty and powerful Creator knows and cares for His creation in an unexpected and intimate way.

Apply the Word

We are beginning a new year, a wonderful time to refocus our attention on God and His faithfulness. No matter what we have been through in the past or what lies ahead in our future, God will be faithful. Take time to notice the natural world around you, whether mountains or trees or stars, and be thankful that the Creator of this world also created and cares for you.

BY Jamie Janosz, Associate Dean of Student Transitions

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