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Love Is Pleasing

The word honeymoon has a fascinating history. It was associated with an ancient European custom where couples would drink a daily cup of honeyed wine called mead for the first month of their marriage. The word suggests that, like honey, the first month of marriage is sweet, without the stresses that follow. The word honeymoon also hinted at the lunar cycle, suggesting that love tends to wane as time goes on.

In the early days of a relationship, love is consuming. The woman speaks to her beloved, urging him to run away with her for time alone. She describes an idyllic vacation, a honeymoon of sorts where the two can be completely alone, entranced with one another. For this couple, so completely in love, they are in the stage of their relationship where they need only one another. Their sense of deep belonging is so pleasing to them, that it makes everything around them more beautiful. In this honeymoon world, we see abundant fruit and blooming flowers. The air is filled with delicious scents. The love that the couple feels for one another is described in sensory detail, and it pleases every aspect of their being.

These details are described as she looks ahead to the physical consummation of their love. She sees that their union will be special and overwhelming because they love one another and have waited a long time for this moment (v. 13).

True love is worth waiting for and provides a rich feast of delights. In chapter 8, there is a caution that lovers should wait for the time when they can be united without risk of scandal or unwanted consequences. True love, in the right place and time, provides the deepest type of satisfaction. The honeymoon is worth the wait.

Apply the Word

Some refer to their first days as a believer as their “honeymoon” with Christ. In the first flush of belief, we are overwhelmed by God’s love, and it seems to spill over into every aspect of our lives. Ask God today to renew your sense of overwhelming love, both your love for God and your awareness of how deeply and completely He loves you in return.

BY Jamie Janosz

Jamie Janosz serves as a content development manager for Moody Bible Institute. She writes monthly devotionals for Today in the Word and has published non-fiction essays with Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog. Recently Jamie wrote a book titled When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up (Moody Publishers). Jamie studied theology and writing at Moody Bible Institute, Columbia College, and Illinois State University. She lives on the Atlantic coast of Florida with her husband, Milt, and daughter, Sabrina.

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