Looking to the Future

  • August 2011 Issue
From the Editors

As the new Executive Editor for Today in the Word, I am truly excited about leading the great team that works on Today in the Word. These are quality people. I am glad to have already been a part of this publication for 14 years, serving as Production Manager.

We love hearing from our readers about how Today in the Word has been a blessing to them. Here is one of the e–mails we received recently:

“My wife Marcia started me on Today in the Word a few years ago, and it has truly added growth to my Christian walk. Thus, I say THANK YOU!” [Capital letters are the reader’s.]
— Barney, Elkhart, IN

Do you know how great this is to hear? People are digging into the Word of God. People are opening their hearts to Christ so that He can draw them closer to Him. That is the core of why Today in the Word exists. We want to help point you to Jesus.

To do this more effectively, we are working on our new Web site, todayintheword.com. Our team recently took a hard look at how we can improve this site for our readers, and we are very proud of what we are developing. On the new site, you will be able to find past issues and perform topical searches with ease. Our hope is that this will be a very helpful online Bible study resource for you.

We are also creating more resources to encourage you in your walk with Christ. At the end of 2009, we introduced the first book in our Through the Bible with Today in the Word series. Our readers told us that they really enjoyed this four–volume set, and we are currently working on a special Today in the Word family Christmas devotional book. We anticipate making it available to our readers this fall.

Lastly, I want to tell you about another change for Today in the Word. We know that sometimes our issues may arrive in your mailbox a little “beat up,” so we have developed a solution, a new issue wrap, that you will notice beginning with our October issue. (This change will not be seen on the bulk shipments of issues.) This special issue wrap will provide better protection for your Today in the Word in the mail, and it will include the giving envelope as well. It will have an easy–to–use reply card, as well as a “checklist” for you to keep track of the daily devotions you’ve already read. Not only will this new issue wrap be easier to use, but we will also be able to reduce a few more expenses!

As Executive Editor, I would like to thank you for your friendship with Today in the Word. Your prayers, gifts, and feedback are vital to this ministry. I look forward to celebrating 25 years of Today in the Word with you in 2012!

BY Paul Currie, Executive Editor

Paul B. Currie serves as the Executive Editor of Today in the Word, as well as the department manager of Donor Communications. He has worked with Today in the Word since 1996. His other responsibilities include leading fund-raising efforts for the schools of Moody Bible Institute and the Moody Radio stations. Paul enjoys a variety of music, movies, books, and Southern cuisine.

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