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Question and Answer

I married an unbeliever who is a very good man. He has always enjoyed gambling like a hobby. After we got married we would go together to the casinos. It's not for the money—it's just something we enjoy doing together. But I'm wondering if it is sinful.

I have a standing rule that if I think something is sinful, then for me it is sinful. Romans suggests that anything your conscience tells you is wrong for you, stay away from it. To do it, even if others say it's okay, becomes a sin. I had a pastor friend, who was consumed by baseball. He was convicted that he was spending too much time over baseball—was actually obsessed by it, and so at least to him it became sin.

The word gambling or the verb to gamble is not mentioned in the Bible. That doesn't mean it isn't sin. We are to be good stewards of all that God gives us, whether it's our time or money. I've had acquaintances who were obsessed by gambling; it controlled their lives, and they were slaves to it. The more important question for you is whether you think the Holy Spirit is convicting your conscience, which makes gambling wrong for you. Not all sins are listed in the Bible. Drug addiction is not mentioned, but it is certainly not something that pleases God. You are doing well in being sensitive to your conduct, and, of course, also considering how it affects your husband.

By Mike Kellogg
Moody Radio Host

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