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January 2017 Issue

The Hand of Salvation: Divine Rescue in Judges and Ruth

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January 2017 Issue

The Hand of Salvation: Divine Rescue in Judges and Ruth

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The Sistine Chapel is filled with art and tapestries created by some of the greatest artists in history, including Botticelli, Raphael, and Perugino. But the indisputable masterpiece is the ceiling, which is covered by frescoes painted by Michelangelo. In the center panel, Michelangelo placed The Creation of Adam. God reaches out from heaven to impart life to His new creation of humanity. And in the center of this painting is the hand of God.

The hand of God is also central to the stories told in the books of Judges and Ruth. Throughout the depressing cycles of sin, oppression, and misery, God’s hand remains ready to deliver His people. He uses flawed men and women to accomplish His flawless plans. And in the midst of the darkness, He is still working to provide our ultimate deliverance from sin: Ruth and Boaz have a son who will be the ancestor of King David, from whose line our Savior Jesus Christ will be born.

As we study the books of Judges and Ruth this month, we pray that God will encourage your heart to see where His hand is working in your life today. Through these divinely inspired stories of His deliverance we are reminded that our God sees, hears, cares for, and rescues His people. We are grateful to join with you on this journey of growing closer to the Lord through the study of His Word, and may we see His hand more clearly and praise Him for His mighty salvation.

Volume 30 Issue 1

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