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August 2016 Issue

The Trinity in the Gospels

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August 2016 Issue

The Trinity in the Gospels

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Andrei Rublev, the 15th-century Russian artist, left us one of the most poignant representations of the mystery of the Trinity: his painting The Trinity, also called The Hospitality of Abraham. Currently in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, this jewel of Russian art shows the three angels who visited Abraham in his tent. Art historians and Bible scholars agree that these three angels reflect the triune God: “The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre” (Gen 18:1). Rublev’s masterpiece speaks to us through the centuries with the image of the angels’ silent peaceful communion, mutual love, unity, and humility.

The Gospel writers create a similar image. In our study this month, their Spirit-inspired words will speak to us about the Trinity and worship, the Trinity and truth, the Trinity and God’s gifts, the Trinity and the power of God, and more. And as we study various passages in the Gospels, we pray the Lord would draw us into communion with the Great I AM, and to each other through His Spirit—in love, unity, and humility.

Thank you for studying the Bible with Today in the Word this month! May we welcome the Lord into our homes and our hearts, as Abraham did near the oaks of Mamre. And may we rejoice in the union we have with God through Christ by His Spirit!

Volume 29 Issue 8

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