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August 2014 Issue

The Book of Acts: Mission through Church and Spirit


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    Paul’s Third Missionary Effort: Ephesus and Beyond
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    Riot in Ephesus
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    Paul’s Pastoral Heart
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August 2014 Issue

The Book of Acts: Mission through Church and Spirit

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Americans love to grow things bigger. Our county fairs award prizes for the largest pumpkin and largest steer. We like both wide-open spaces and some of the tallest buildings in the world.

In a country where often “bigger is better,” it’s worthwhile to study in Scripture the means that God used to grow His church. As we’ll see this month in our study of the book of Acts, He doesn’t always use the people and methods that we might choose. The two most prominent spokesmen in the early days were rough Galilean fishermen just a few years earlier. And when key political leaders like Festus and Agrippa hear the gospel, they do not respond in faith.

But as we’ll see, God doesn’t depend on political leaders or comfortable circumstances for growth. His Spirit empowers ordinary people to spread an extraordinary gospel of salvation through Jesus. His Spirit enables people from slave girls to wealthy businesswomen to accept this message in faith. Through the power of the Spirit, the church of God grows from Jerusalem to Samaria to spread throughout the Roman Empire.

His Spirit is still at work today, strengthening and encouraging the church around the world. His Spirit inspired the very words that we’ll study together this month. We appreciate your partnership as we share the message of the Word of God with readers around the world. Thank you for your support for the ministry of Today in the Word!

Volume 27 Issue 8

Executive Editor: Paul Currie; Managing Editor: Heather Moffitt; Associate Editor: Elena Mafter; Contributing Editors: John Koessler, Jamie Janosz; Writer: Bryan Stewart