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April 2015 Issue

Questions Jesus Asked


  • Yesterday

    What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
  • Today

    How can you make it salty again?
  • Tomorrow

    Which of these three do you think was a good neighbor?
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April 2015 Issue

Questions Jesus Asked

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Jesus’ way of teaching may seem not very efficient in our age of instant connection and quick solutions for daily living. When people posed questions to Him, they usually received a question in response. When He asked a question, He would leave it without an answer. In the four Gospels, Jesus answered directly only three of the many questions He asked.

The Greek philosopher Socrates used an interrogative technique to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. Jewish rabbis also used questions to delve into the layers of Scripture and help the learner understand the deep truths through questions and parables.

This month in Today in the Word, we’ll look at some of the questions Jesus asked and we’ll see the uniqueness of His approach. We’ll see that Rabbi Jesus, Messiah Jesus, Savior Jesus uses the “Holy Spirit method” with questions that reveal who He is, make us understand who we are as His disciples, and ultimately transform our lives.

We hope this month’s study will help you look at Teacher Jesus in a new way. We pray that, as you wrestle with the Savior’s questions together with His first-century listeners, you’ll give Him honest answers. May His questions guide, strengthen, and comfort you on your Christian road, whether you meet Him for the first time on your Damascus road or follow Him as a disciple on your Emmaus road. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and bon voyage!

Volume 28 Issue 4

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