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January 2015 Issue

Hope in God: The Source of Our Strength


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January 2015 Issue

Hope in God: The Source of Our Strength

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Themes of hope have inspired artists and poets for generations, including the marvelous nineteenth-century American poet Emily Dickinson:

“Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all.”

This month in Today in the Word, we’ll make our journey looking at hope as the source of our strength. We’ll take the only sure way to find hope—faith in God—through the pages of the Word of God. We’ll look at the pitfalls of false hope, we’ll marvel at the faith of the psalmist, we’ll rejoice in the ultimate hope of eternal life, and we’ll also study the fruits of renewed hope in our lives. Throughout our study, we’ll see that Christ, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” is the hope of the nations.

We pray, as you study the Bible with Today in the Word, you’ll be encouraged by our hope in the eternal God “as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Heb. 6:19). We pray that the lamp of His Word will burn brightly in your life. Thank you for your love for the truth of the Bible and for supporting the ministry of Today in the Word!

Volume 28 Issue 1

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