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August 2015 Issue

The Gospel of Mark: The Messiah and Discipleship


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August 2015 Issue

The Gospel of Mark: The Messiah and Discipleship

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The road of discipleship is risky, and often the risk lies in our flawed human nature. Many of us feel that somewhere on that road we may stumble and suffer defeat.

That’s exactly what happened to Mark. As a young convert to Christianity, he had the rare privilege of going on the first evangelistic journey with a well-known missionary. And Mark failed miserably! He abandoned the team before the mission was over; he let down his fellow missionaries. As a result, the famous missionary refused to include Mark in the next trip.

But Mark’s story is also an encouraging one. He did become a real evangelist, and traditionally he is believed to be the writer of the Gospel of Mark. Despite the initial fiasco, he later earned the trust of the apostle Paul (2 Tim. 4:11) and developed a close friendship with him (Col. 4:10). Mark’s story shows that defeats in life don’t mean the end of the discipleship road.

As we study the Gospel of Mark this month, we’ll learn from someone who knew firsthand the ups and downs, the costs and the victories of following Jesus, as well as the glory of persevering to the end. We hope this month’s study will inspire you, as you follow Jesus on your own road of discipleship. Thank you for your generosity to Today in the Word—it enables us to send this devotional around the world and help others to embark on their discipleship road.

Volume 28 Issue 8

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