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October 2014 Issue

Lament and Comfort for God's People


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October 2014 Issue

Lament and Comfort for God's People

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Jacob Onyumbe was 16 years old when the so-called wars of liberation began in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1996. He and his classmates had to flee into the woods to hide from rebels. He thought the whole conflict might last a few weeks. Now 18 years later, more than six million people have died, millions of women and children have been raped and abducted, and there is no end in sight. Jacob is a Christian, and he knows what it means to suffer and to see your loved ones and your land suffer. How do we understand God in the face of such trauma?

The Bible does not sugarcoat such suffering, and it offers us examples of how to lament. This month in Today in the Word we’ll explore biblical lament for sin, for enemies, for loved ones, and for those times when nothing makes sense. We’ll learn how we can go to God. As Jacob has said, “The psalms of lament are the prayer of God’s people; they are what God gives us to use when we are hurting.”

We’ll also see what biblical comfort looks like. Far more than easy answers or pious clichés, comfort from God wrestles with our pain and reminds us that God is still good and still faithful and still loves us. Godly comfort reminds us our present sorrow is real and our future deliverance from all sorrow is also real. Thank you for your partnership with Today in the Word. We pray that this study of God’s Word will be a comfort and encouragement to you.

Volume 27 Issue 10

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