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February 2016 Issue

God's Promise Of Rest


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February 2016 Issue

God's Promise Of Rest

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According to Professor Douglas Brinkley of Rice University in Houston, Texas, the space missions that culminated with landing on the Moon helped us better understand our life on Earth. When the astronauts saw Earth from a different perspective, they started to talk about our “fragile planet.” As reported by a recent Wall Street Journal article, Prof. Brinkley believes that “Earthrise,” the color photograph of our planet taken by astronaut Bill Anders in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission, inspired the global environmental movement.

The Bible gives us its eternal—and cosmic—perspective on our everyday lives. This month we’ll look at ideas of work and rest through scriptural lenses. We’ll examine the busyness of our lives and our yearning for rest. We’ll study the rest wreckers in our lives, we’ll learn what we need rest from, and we’ll see that rest is not the absence of work.

We pray this month’s study in Today in the Word will spark your desire to seek the God of rest and find your contentment in Him. We hope the study of rest in Scripture will help you practice the disciplines of rest: solitude and silence, faith and hope, worship and prayer. We are grateful for your support of Today in the Word! Thank you for helping us bring this study to God’s people.

Volume 29 Issue 2

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