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November 2014 Issue

The Book of Philippians: Joy in the Journey


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November 2014 Issue

The Book of Philippians: Joy in the Journey

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Most Americans think about the pursuit of happiness as an individual endeavor. It’s a notion enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, and many people describe happiness as the primary goal of their lives. There’s nothing wrong with happiness, of course, but the book of Philippians challenges Christians to pursue something else: joy.

This letter to the church in Philippi describes how joy is not just an individual choice—it’s something that we should practice with other believers. No matter what our circumstances and no matter what our differences, we can and should rejoice! And when we rejoice together, we are a testimony to the world of the work of God in our lives.

The book also tells us that joy comes from following the example of Jesus. When we choose humility instead of pride, contentment instead of envy, and service instead of self, we will experience joy that transcends anything the world can understand. What a marvelous goal for our lives!

We are thankful that you are on this journey of following Jesus with us. Our goal each month is to help you read and understand more of God’s Word so that you can become more like Christ. Your prayers and gifts make this ministry possible—and for that, we rejoice!

Volume 27 Issue 11

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