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November 2015 Issue

There's No Place Like Home: Longing for the Kingdom of God


  • Yesterday

    The City of God: Our Future Home
  • Today

    New Sabbath: The Rest of Home
  • Tomorrow

    New Inheritance: The Forever of Home
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November 2015 Issue

There's No Place Like Home: Longing for the Kingdom of God

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 Longing for home permeates our souls. We all want to find that beautiful place where we feel welcome and free, where we can be ourselves. From country songs to the television series Lost, from The Wizard of Oz to literature’s great houses described by Evelyn Waugh, Edith Wharton, Franz Kafka, Astrid Lindgren, Emily Bronte, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and other writers—our culture reflects this search for home sweet home.

This month in Today in the Word, we’ll study the Bible’s take on the notion of home, and we will see why this notion is so elusive here on earth. We’ll read about the humanity’s first home and its loss, and we’ll look at God’s promise of home to Israel and the tragedy of exile from home. We will be encouraged by the hope of the new family and the new dwelling place for believers. And finally, we’ll rejoice at the eternal home, the new inheritance that awaits us in the presence of the Lord.

We pray that this month’s study will fill you with thankfulness and hope as we look forward to “the Holy City, the New Jerusalem” mentioned in Revelation 21. We at Today in the Word are certainly thankful for our readers, the living stones of the household of God, as we look ahead to dwelling together in a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Volume 28 Issue 11

Executive Editor: Paul Currie; Managing Editor: Heather Moffitt; Associate Editor: Elena Mafter; Contributing Editors: John Koessler, Jamie Janosz; Writer: Jen Pollock Michel