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June 2016 Issue

Fathers in the Bible


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June 2016 Issue

Fathers in the Bible

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 The Greek word peripeteia is used in works of literature to signify a change of circumstances, an unexpected turn of events in characters’ lives. Peripeteia can happen not only in fictional narratives but also in the lives of real people throughout history. From Augustine of Hippo to John Newton to Mary Slessor, the defining moments in life were their encounters with God.

The Bible presents to us a wide panorama of people whose destinies were defined by God. This month in Today in the Word, as we follow the trials and triumphs of fathers in the Bible, we’ll notice that their encounters with God and their faith in Him changed everything. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Paul became true fathers—physical and spiritual—when they met God, their Heavenly Father.

This month, when we celebrate Father’s Day, we invite you to join us in a study of the nature of fatherhood. Our prayer is that on Father’s Day, and every day, we will love, appreciate, and—if needed—forgive our fathers. We hope that as you think of the peripeteia of your own lives, you will look up to God, the Father of mercy and compassion. Thank you for supporting the ministry of Today in the Word and striving to know our Heavenly Father who holds our lives in His hands.

Volume 29 Issue 6

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