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March 2015 Issue

Romans: The Glorious Gospel


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    Faith without Food Is Dead
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    Greetings and Background of the Epistle
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    Main Purpose and Theme: The Gospel
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March 2015 Issue

Romans: The Glorious Gospel

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Paul’s letter to the first-century believers in Rome resonates through the ages and cultures. Jonathan Edwards based his famous sermon, “The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners,” on Romans 3:19. The verse from Romans 6, “The wages of sin is death,” served as an ominous warning to Faustus in Christopher Marlow’s Doctor Faustus. Centuries later, Leo Tolstoy used Romans 12:19 as the epigraph to his famous novel Anna Karenina. When Martin Luther read the book of Romans, his life—and the history of Christianity—changed forever.

This book intrigues theologians, writers, and readers alike because it explains the heart of Christianity and the essence of our faith—the gospel. This month in Today in the Word, we’ll join countless readers before us who were captivated by the gospel of life in Romans—sin and God’s wrath, salvation and justification by faith, law and grace, freedom and faith, our unity in Christ, and more.

We pray that through this month’s study you will see the dying Christ, who satisfied the divine wrath and took the punishment for our sin, and you will praise the living and exalted Christ, who calls us and reconciles us to God. We hope that the message of the glorious gospel in the book of Romans will refresh, encourage, and strengthen your faith. Thank you for your partnership with the ministry of Today in the Word! This issue—or any issue of our devotional—wouldn’t be possible without your ongoing faithful support.

Volume 28 Issue 3

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