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April 2014 Issue

The Gospel of Matthew: Kingdom Instructions from the King


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    Marriage and Money in the Kingdom
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    Priorities and Values in the Kingdom
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April 2014 Issue

The Gospel of Matthew: Kingdom Instructions from the King

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On July 22, 2013, Prince George of Cambridge was born, becoming third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom. This tiny baby was instantly an international celebrity, photographed by dozens if not hundreds of photographers on the day he left the hospital with his parents. No doubt Prince George will be trained, like his father and grandfather before him, in royal protocol and procedure. He will be expected to represent his family and country well when he takes the throne.

This month we’ll be studying the Gospel of Matthew, and we’ll see Matthew’s argument for Jesus as King, beginning with the story of His royal birth—one that didn’t follow any of the world’s expectations. We’ll learn more about His kingdom, including the invitation that each of us has to be part of the kingdom of God. And we’ll study the expectations that the Lord has for us as followers of the King. This Gospel will instruct us in how to represent the family of God as we go through our daily lives.

We are grateful at Today in the Word for all of you who journey with us through Scripture each month. We appreciate your prayers and your financial support to make this ministry possible so that thousands of people around the world can study God’s Word and grow as followers of Jesus. This month, may we all take comfort from our relationship with the King, and may we resolve to follow His instructions as we continue toward our heavenly home.

Volume 27 Issue 4

Executive Editor: Paul Currie; Managing Editor: Heather Moffitt; Associate Editor: Elena Mafter; Contributing Editors: John Koessler, Jamie Janosz; Writer: Bryan Stewart