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May 2015 Issue

Book of Joshua: The Battle Belongs to the Lord


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May 2015 Issue

Book of Joshua: The Battle Belongs to the Lord

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The fascist and dictatorial threats in the late 1930s and early 1940s posed by Germany and Japan left many wondering if anyone could stop these great military powers. With the aid of other Allied countries, the “Greatest Generation” turned the tide of the war on both fronts, and came home to transform America. But for the past sixty years, the United States has experienced serious moral and social decline. Have we failed to win the battle for our culture and pass our faith on to the next generation?

Those who followed Moses must have asked similar questions when Joshua came to power. Would Joshua live up to the expectations of those who came before him, or would the challenges be too great, the giants too large, and the city walls too thick for the Israelites? As we know, most of their ancestors were so scared of the challenges that they spent forty years wandering in the desert! Yet they, like us, often fail to realize that the battle is not dependent on human abilities but on God’s larger plan.

This month in Today in the Word we will look at the book of Joshua and examine epic battle sequences and observe how these battles, as well as our own, belong to the Lord. As always, thank you for your faithful support of this ministry that allows many to hear the good news and wage the battle for Christ!

Volume 28 Issue 5

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