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December 2014 Issue

The Same Lord is the Lord of All


  • Yesterday

    Magi: Sought a Ruler and a Shepherd
  • Today

    Roman Centurion: Amazing Faith
  • Tomorrow

    Syrophoenician Woman: Recognized the Lord
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December 2014 Issue

The Same Lord is the Lord of All

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A recent Wall Street Journal article claims: “Humans have an extraordinarily strong tendency to divide the world into Us and Them—and not to take kindly to the latter.” Looking at the local and international events today, we can’t help agreeing with this statement—the Us/Them dichotomies do exist, and we often avoid interactions with “Thems.”

This article reflects our longing for the elusive peace and harmony in human relationships. But there is a place where all humans are brothers and sisters, and that place is found in Christ. The Bible gives us a glimpse of God’s kingdom by revealing the grace of God, the Creator of all, extended to “them”—the unlikely, the foreigners, and the marginalized—our study in Today in the Word this month.

As we travel through the Bible from Genesis to Philemon, we’ll encounter various characters: mysterious Melchizedek, clever Rahab, faithful Ruth, the Queen of Sheba who searched for wisdom and the Magi who saw it, the Roman centurion who found faith at the Cross, and enslaved Onesimus who gained true freedom in Christ. We pray that, as we discover the touch of God on their lives and hearts, we’ll better understand His character and our relationship with Him.

We are grateful for the Today in the Word readers, our brothers and sisters in Christ from many countries across the globe. Thank you for supporting the ministry of Today in the Word!

Volume 27 Issue 12

Executive Editor: Paul B. Currie; Managing Editor: Heather Moffitt; Associate Editor: Elena Mafter; Contributing Editors: John Koessler, Jamie Janosz; Writer: Brad Baurain; Web Content Specialists: Diana Lebar, Rachel Staker