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April 23, 2017 | James 5:13-20

Today's Devotion

Interceding for Healing

During Jesus’ earthly ministry, the list of diseases and impairments that He healed is diverse. Leprosy, paralysis, fever, and unexplained bleeding (see Matthew 8) were cured. Blindness (Matt. 9:27–29), deafness (Mark 7:31–35), and abnormal swelling (Luke 14:1–4), and more were all included in the work done by the Great…

This Month | April 2017

The Gift of Intercession
Many kids in the 1980s and 1990s delighted in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s book series. Based on the original idea of American author Edward Packard, readers make choices that determine the plot’s twists and turns. The books involved the readers in the development of the story, enlarging their imagination and sense of adventure. Intercessory prayer is a lifelong adventure…

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