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Sept. 3, 2014 | Genesis 2

Today's Devotion

The Good Life—As Ordered by God

Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher in the nineteenth century, is known for his pronouncement, “God is dead.” He saw obedience to divine authority or moral law as human weakness and a tyranny to be thrown off. “He who cannot obey himself is commanded.” Nietzsche actually made a very apt observation about human nature: when we say that…

This Month | September 2014

Toddlers usually have no problem with expressing their desires. “I Want!” “Gimme!” “Mine!” Spend time with a 2-year-old and you’ll hear some variation of this, likely repeated often and at high volume! As we grow in our Christian faith, how do we express our desires? Is there any room in the Christian life for wanting and desiring? In our study this month in Today in the Word, we’ll explore what…

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