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June 30, 2015 | Job 42:10–17

Today's Devotion

Restoration and Epilogue

One day two years ago, a Pennsylvania man temporarily became the world’s richest person. He received his PayPal statement and saw a balance of $92,233,270,368,547,800. Then he checked his account online and found a balance of $0. Both were errors, of course, eventually corrected. But for just a moment he had been worth $92 quadrillion…

This Month | June 2015

The book of Job can hardly be called easy reading. Even though we know God will restore Job at the end, our hearts still sink when we read about the calamities that befell this man. How do you survive the loss of your possessions, of all your beloved children, and your health? Nobody wants to be in Job’s place! And yet, Job speaks to all of us. We all experience loss. We all grapple…

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