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Aug. 31, 2015 | Mark 16:1–20

Today's Devotion

A Final Call to Discipleship: Resurrection

One of the unique features of the Gospel of Mark is its ending. Although some manuscripts contain verses 9 through 20, the earliest and most reliable texts do not include this longer ending. Instead, the original ending was verse 8. As evangelical scholar D. A. Carson notes, these added verses “cannot be said to be part of the…

This Month | August 2015

The road of discipleship is risky, and often the risk lies in our flawed human nature. Many of us feel that somewhere on that road we may stumble and suffer defeat. That’s exactly what happened to Mark. As a young convert to Christianity, he had the rare privilege of going on the first evangelistic journey with a well-known missionary. And Mark failed miserably! He abandoned the team before the…

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