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Feb. 1, 2015 | Genesis 2

Today's Devotion

Eating in Eden

The biblical story opens among fruit-bearing trees and closes with a feast. The pages in between depict tables heavy-laden with food. Some of that food is simple (Ex. 12:20), some of it is decadent (Daniel 1), some of it is metaphorical (John 6), and all of it emphasizes the ties that bind us to each other and to God. This month we’ll…

This Month | February 2015

You’ve probably seen “biblical bread” on the shelves in health food stores across the country. The so-called biblical recipes, from the “Ezekiel bread” to soups from “ancient grains,” freely use Bible references to kindle our curiosity and whet our appetites. Indeed, food, eating, and meal preparations fill the pages of the Bible. But every time Scripture mentions food, it reaches…

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