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July 27, 2016 | GENESIS 43

Today's Devotion

The Mercy and Faithfulness of God

Hunger is one of the most basic, powerful drives of the human body. Without food, there is no life. As a result, hunger can lead people to do things we would not normally do. Such was the case with Jacob.As the famine continued and food ran out, Jacob called for his sons to return to Egypt for supplies. His sons, however, reminded him of…

This Month | July 2016

Hearing the Call of God
In “The Figure in the Carpet,” a story by Henry James, the narrator seeks to discover the secret meaning hidden in all the works of his favorite author. His quest ends in failure. The figure in the carpet remains elusive, ultimately unknowable.The book of Genesis introduces us to life stories of ordinary people. Their stories, like a design of a Persian carpet, all reveal a pattern that gives…

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