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Best of Vol 2 - Promo

Oct. 23, 2016 | 2 PETER 1:12–21

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The True Word of God

Earlier this year The Atlantic published overwhelming evidence that what the papyrus scholars had named “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” was in fact an elaborate forgery and hoax created by a man in Florida. Forged historical documents have included diaries allegedly by Hitler, Mussolini, Howard Hughes, and Jack the Ripper, and “The Donation…

This Month | October 2016

Our Great Salvation: 1 and 2 Peter
Detective stories enjoy great popularity among readers, probably because we all like a little mystery. We are intrigued by the unknown. A good detective story leaves the reader guessing about the outcome of the investigation and the detective’s train of thought. Finally, the clues are pieced together and the case is solved.Our lives as Christians may not be the stuff of a detective story, but we…

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