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April 27, 2015 | Mark 9:33–50

Today's Devotion

How can you make it salty again?

Americans love ranking things—from the AP poll of college sports teams to U.S.News’s college rankings to Yelp restaurant reviews to Buzzfeed lists, we love to see who’s #1. But it is a problem when we try to apply rankings in the church. Who is the greatest preacher of all time? Who has the best church? Where can you find the greatest…

This Month | April 2015

Jesus’ way of teaching may seem not very efficient in our age of instant connection and quick solutions for daily living. When people posed questions to Him, they usually received a question in response. When He asked a question, He would leave it without an answer. In the four Gospels, Jesus answered directly only three of the many questions He asked. The Greek philosopher Socrates used an…

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