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Dec. 22, 2014 | Mark 7:24–30

Today's Devotion

Syrophoenician Woman: Recognized the Lord

The classic hymn “Living By Faith” proclaims: “I know that He safely will carry me thro’, / No matter what evils betide. / Why should I then care, tho’ the tempest may blow, / If Jesus walks close to my side? / Living by faith in Jesus above; / Trusting, confiding in His great love; / From all harm safe in His sheltering arm, / I’m…

This Month | December 2014

A recent Wall Street Journal article claims: “Humans have an extraordinarily strong tendency to divide the world into Us and Them—and not to take kindly to the latter.” Looking at the local and international events today, we can’t help agreeing with this statement—the Us/Them dichotomies do exist, and we often avoid interactions with “Thems.” This article reflects our longing for the elusive…

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