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Oct. 5, 2015 | Deuteronomy 4:32–40

Today's Devotion

Trust and Obey

Preaching is both an oral and an aural experience: oral because it is communicated by the spoken word; aural because its message is received by means of hearing. Some of the earliest preaching was also based in the home. God’s people were commanded to teach their children the truths that had been revealed to them though Moses. Today’s…

This Month | October 2015

Bible scholars agree that the Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon ever preached. In His discourse about “kingdom living,” recorded in Matthew 5—7, Jesus presented to His disciples the way of righteous living for those who are in God’s family. Since then, Christians have quoted, studied, and wrestled with this section of Scripture. Augustine called it “a perfect standard of the Christian…

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