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Dec. 21, 2014 | Matthew 8:5–13

Today's Devotion

Roman Centurion: Amazing Faith

A. W. Tozer wrote: “True faith rests upon the character of God and asks no further proof than the moral perfections of the One who cannot lie. It is enough that God said it, and if the statement should contradict every one of the five senses and all the conclusions of logic as well, still the believer continues to believe. ‘Let God be…

This Month | December 2014

A recent Wall Street Journal article claims: “Humans have an extraordinarily strong tendency to divide the world into Us and Them—and not to take kindly to the latter.” Looking at the local and international events today, we can’t help agreeing with this statement—the Us/Them dichotomies do exist, and we often avoid interactions with “Thems.” This article reflects our longing for the elusive…

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