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Feb. 7, 2016 | Genesis 1:1-2:3

Today's Devotion

The God Who Rests

Yesterday we saw that Jesus appealed to the example of His heavenly Father to defend His actions on the Sabbath. Today we will look more carefully at the God who rests. We might find the statement that God “rested” surprising (Gen. 2:2). Elsewhere Scripture says that God never grows tired. He is the One who gives strength to the weary…

This Month | February 2016

God's Promise Of Rest
According to Professor Douglas Brinkley of Rice University in Houston, Texas, the space missions that culminated with landing on the Moon helped us better understand our life on Earth. When the astronauts saw Earth from a different perspective, they started to talk about our “fragile planet.” As reported by a recent Wall Street Journal article, Prof. Brinkley believes that “Earthrise,” the color…

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