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Feb. 25, 2017 | GALATIANS 6:1–6

Today's Devotion

Restoring One Another to Gospel Living

In No Other Gospel, pastor Josh Moody wrote about Galatians 6: “I used to think that these final verses of the teaching in Galatians were just helpful, practical instruction, but actually they are what the gospel looks like in community. And they are by contrast what legalism looks like. Paul is saying that a grace-filled community is a…

This Month | February 2017

Galatians: Freedom and Fruit of the Gospel
Many of us are tempted to add something to the gospel in order to be good Christians. Perhaps it’s political party affiliation—in order to be a “good Christian” you must be a Republican or a Democrat. Perhaps it’s economic status—some say that “good Christians” should be wealthy; others claim that “good Christians” should choose poverty.Some Jewish Christians in Galatia, a region in Asia Minor,…

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