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April 2016 Issue

Our Identity in Christ


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    Rescued and Reconciled
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    Eternity with Christ
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Devotion for Saturday, April 30, 2016

Eternity with Christ

Read Revelation 21:1-22:5

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I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Revelation 21:5

King Louis XIV became king of France at the age of 4 and ruled for over 72 years, the longest tenure of any European monarch. During his reign, he consolidated power within the monarchy, in part by reducing the authority of some French lords over outlying territory. He would invite (or compel) the nobility to live instead at the Palace of Versailles, which seemed like a great honor but in fact was calculated to remove them from direct involvement with their lands and place them under his supervision.

Louis XIV, also called the “Sun King,” operated very differently from Jesus, the Son of God and King of kings. Jesus does have all power and deserves all worship—and yet He graciously invites people to share in the blessings of God’s family. As we see in our reading today, in eternity we will also be blessed to dwell with Him before
His throne.

These chapters in the book of Revelation give us a glimpse of the end times, when Jesus will triumph over Satan forever and God will welcome us into the new heaven and new earth. The descriptions are almost too beautiful to imagine—not only the glorious gates of pearl and the dazzling gemstones but also the light and joy that result from sin’s final defeat. And remarkably, we will inherit all this because we have put our faith in Jesus as God’s Son and our Savior from sin (21:7).

This vision of the end times refers several times to the throne of God and the Lamb (see chaps. 4–5), and now at last everything will be oriented around God’s throne (22:1–3). We will be invited to dwell there, at the banks of the river of life and blessed by the light of God, worshiping the Son who reigns forever (22:4–5).

Apply the Word

What are you most looking forward to in eternity? Seeing loved ones who have gone on to heaven? Healing from pain and suffering? A world free from the presence of sin and death? Worshiping God in person and dwelling in perfect relationship with Him forever? All this will be ours—in Christ. Ask the Lord to shape your perspective today with this vision of your future.

Pray with Us

As we come to the end of our study this month, let’s praise God for His love for each one of us and for transforming us every day into the image of His Son. As a new creation in Christ, let us rejoice in His victory over sin and death.

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