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  • Male, Female, and the Image of God

    When God created humanity to reflect His image, He made them male and female (Gen. 1:27). This implies something important about human nature. The polarity of male and female is essential to our role as bearers of the…
  • The Threefold Nature of the Law

    One theme in the book of characterized it as a mere “shadow” of Galatians is the superiority of good things to come and explained: the gospel over the Mosaic “For this reason it can never, by the Law. Paul summarizes…
  • The Ministry of the Spirit in the Days of the Judges

    One notable feature of the book Spirit would be in them permanently of Judges is the repeated (John 14:16–17).pattern of Israel’s disobedience followed by divine discipline and subsequent deliverance. This pattern is…
  • Jesus in the Old Testament

    Throughout the centuries, some have claimed that Jesus is entirely absent from the Old Testament. But Jesus Himself criticized the religious leaders of His day for failing to pay heed to the testimony of the Hebrew…
  • Man of Sorrows

    Some Christian artists today portray Jesus as a jaunty, grinning figure. Posters, paintings, and figurines depict Jesus as smiling or even laughing. None of the Gospel accounts describe Jesus laughing, though many…
  • Apostle and Elder

    The New Testament emphasizes Peter’s role as one of the leading apostles. Although Simon was his birth name, according to Mark 3:16 Jesus gave him the name Peter, which meant “rock” (cf. John 1:42; Matt. 16:18). Peter…
  • The God of Israel

    One surprising feature of the book of Esther is that it never mentions God by name. On the surface, it appears to be a story about survival, prejudice, and politics. But for those who know the larger story of the Bible,…
Showing 7 of 159 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 523Next >