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  • Our Great Salvation: 1 and 2 Peter

    Detective stories enjoy great popularity among readers, probably because we all like a little mystery. We are intrigued by the unknown. A good detective story leaves the reader guessing about the outcome of the…
  • The Deliverance of God's People

    Julius Hudacek is the world’s most entertaining goaltender. Currently playing in the Swedish Ice Hockey League, he puts on quite a show on ice after the game to celebrate if his team wins. In one of his one-man…
  • The Trinity in the Gospels

    Andrei Rublev, the 15th-century Russian artist, left us one of the most poignant representations of the mystery of the Trinity: his painting The Trinity, also called The Hospitality of Abraham. Currently in the…
  • Hearing the Call of God

    In “The Figure in the Carpet,” a story by Henry James, the narrator seeks to discover the secret meaning hidden in all the works of his favorite author. His quest ends in failure. The figure in the carpet remains…
  • Fathers in the Bible

    The Greek word peripeteia is used in works of literature to signify a change of circumstances, an unexpected turn of events in characters’ lives. Peripeteia can happen not only in fictional narratives but also in the…
  • Living as the Church of Christ

    We all dream about perfect unity in the church. But we often see divisions. Congregations can’t agree on big issues such as the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the end times, the roles in the church, or the Lord’s Supper. 
  • Our Identity in Christ

    Since the ancient Greek philosophers pronounced the maxim “Know thyself,” humanity’s quest has essentially remained the same throughout the centuries to the present day—searching for truth and identity. This maxim…
Showing 7 of 154 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 522Next >