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  • God's Promise Of Rest

    According to Professor Douglas Brinkley of Rice University in Houston, Texas, the space missions that culminated with landing on the Moon helped us better understand our life on Earth. When the astronauts saw Earth from…
  • Shame: History and Healing

    People of different cultures used to deal with shame in various ways. Japanese samurai warriors chose to kill themselves rather than suffer shame and disgrace. For Europeans, spilling the blood of the offender was the…
  • Christmas: Good News For All

    An article in a recent Atlantic magazine claims that people today view income disparities as a major problem. Inequality was presented as enemy No. 1 in a recent World Economic Forum report, and was a major theme this…
  • There's No Place Like Home: Longing for the Kingdom of God

    Longing for home permeates our souls. We all want to find that beautiful place where we feel welcome and free, where we can be ourselves. From country songs to the television series Lost, from The Wizard of Oz to…
  • Great Sermons in the Bible

    Bible scholars agree that the Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon ever preached. In His discourse about “kingdom living,” recorded in Matthew 5—7, Jesus presented to His disciples the way of righteous living for…
  • An Unexpected Love

    When in May of this year the Baltimore State’s Attorney announced charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, one charge in particular stood out. The driver of the police van in which Mr. Gray was…
  • The Gospel of Mark: The Messiah and Discipleship

    The road of discipleship is risky, and often the risk lies in our flawed human nature. Many of us feel that somewhere on that road we may stumble and suffer defeat. That’s exactly what happened to Mark. As a young…
Showing 7 of 146 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 521Next >