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  • Light Changes Everything

    One of the great joys of my life is being called “Grandpa” by our six grandchildren, ages 1 to 6. And now that our own children are fully grown, Cheryl and I have a renewed love for ordinary parenting moments such…
  • Part of the Story

    Technology makes it easier for the average person to discover his or her past. We now have almost instantaneous access to historical records that previously required hours in the library or travel to remote locations. 
  • Known by Our Love

    Ask friends and neighbors what they think of Christians, and brace yourself for the answer. One survey found that people describe Christians as hypocritical, judgmental, insensitive, and boring. Even more troubling,…
  • Never Deserted

    Ann Rodgers, age 72, was lost in the Arizona desert for nine days. She survived by drinking pond water, eating plants, and spelling the word help on the ground using sticks and rocks. When Ann started out to visit her…
  • I'll Pray For You

    How often have you responded to a friend’s troubles with these words: “I’ll pray for you”? I know I have. Even though this response might seem overused, we should never forget what a significant privilege it is to offer…
  • You Are His Treasure

    I find the public television show Antiques Roadshow fascinating. Guests wait in long lines holding assorted items: statues, paintings, china, and even old military weapons. Antique experts scrutinize the condition and…
  • When Following God Gets Discouraging

    One of Moody’s early students was Mary McLeod Bethune (1875–1955). Mary’s parents, Samuel and Patsy McLeod, were former slaves in Mayesville, S.C. Everyone in the family worked picking cotton; Mary was the only one of…
Showing 7 of 99 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 515Next >