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  • Journey Together

    Over the past few months, our team at Moody has been considering how we can best convey the core aspects of our ministry in a fast-changing world. As you may have noticed, we now have the name Moody Global Ministries to…
  • A Grateful Heart

    If thankfulness could be implemented in an app, I would download it right away. That’s because thanksgiving doesn’t come naturally or easily to me. The difficult circumstances or struggles that I go through often…
  • Appreciating Our Pastors

    Those who are called to serve God through the ministry of pastoring churches have a special place in my heart. I am the daughter of a man who faithfully pastored churches—mostly small, rural congregations—for over forty…
  • The Prayers of the Righteous

    When you open any issue of Today in the Word, you’ll see a column “Pray with Us” in the bottom right-hand corner of every devotional page. It’s the smallest column of Today in the Word—only three to four lines in the…
  • Approved unto God

    August is here. Leaves turn color, the weather gets cooler, sweet corn is everywhere—and the new school year begins! I look at the students who arrive on Moody’s Chicago campus (who are, by the way, somehow getting…
  • Seeking God Together

    Greetings Today in the Word readers! I am honored to serve you as executive editor. And I want you to know it is our desire at Today in the Word to encourage you to spend time with Jesus each day in God’s Word. 
  • A Champion at 90

    A few days ago, when I passed by the desk of our executive editor, Paul Currie, I saw two little books—one titled To Him, and the other For Him. Both books were poetry. I was interested. Paul told me he received these…
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