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  • Beyond the Wardrobe

    Jewish people have always had a lot of problems with Jesus of Nazareth—when He was on earth and still today. The biggest problem and an intriguing question: Is He indeed the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament? And…
  • Encounters with Jesus: Do Not Be Afraid

    Dear readers, we started our “Encounters with Jesus” series to share the stories of Jesus’ presence in your lives. We are grateful for your letters, where you describe some of your most precious memories. Thank you for…
  • An Act of Love

    February is often considered the time to commemorate love and romance. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the month, often celebrated with gifts of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Like so many special occasions,…
  • Encounters With Jesus

    Each one of us may have a unique life story and distinctive circumstances that shape our path. But we all, as believers, follow the same Christ on our life journeys, and when we tell the story of God’s work in our…
  • Bible Topics, Anniversaries, and God's Faithfulness

    Dear readers, The year of Today in the Word’s 25th anniversary is coming to an end, and looking back at the quarter century of our devotional’s existence we can say: God has been faithful! We thank Him for the ministry…
  • Encounters with Jesus: The story of Philip Hirschy

    In the August issue of Today in the Word, we asked you to send us stories of your encounters with Jesus. Thank you for your response! It was a joy to read your letters and emails, to marvel with you at the Lord’s…
  • Disappointed Christians and a Good God: An interview with John Koessler

    John Koessler’s recent book, The Surprising Grace of Disappointment: Finding Hope When God Seems to Fail Us, addresses the issue that many people struggle with: Why doesn’t God always seem helpful, caring, and good? How…
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