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  • Bestselling Author’s Journey with Today in the Word

    Each of us has a unique testimony how we first learned of Christ's love for us and how we grew in our spiritual journey. Recently, I learned that bestselling author Debbie Macomber is a faithful reader of Today in the…
  • Back to School

    Millions of children have started back to school. Not that long ago, my wife and I would shop for school supplies with our children. Those folders, pens, and binders represented the work yet to come: papers, science…
  • Wrong Address, Right Reader

    God is using the ministry of Today in the Word to reach people, sometimes in unexpected ways! Sarah, one of our Donor Resource Management team members, regularly receives calls from people who are moving and need to…
  • Take Moody with You

    Have you ever been lost while on vacation? During the summer, many of us hit the road. It is always nice to get away and explore a new location. But whenever you go somewhere new, you do run the risk of getting lost. In…
  • A Dose of Encouragement

    These past few months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of you, our readers, either face to face or through correspondence. Each of these experiences has helped me to understand, in an…
  • Staying in the Word, Growing in the Lord

    Charles Spurgeon once said, “Visit us from Jackson, AL, says that “I love many good books, but live in the and serve God better today because Bible.” I love this quote, because of the faithful witness of Moody Global…
  • The Blood of the Lamb

    Starting with sunset on April 22 this year, until the end of the month, Jewish people will greet each other, “Chag Pesach Sameach!” or simply, “Chag Sameach!”—Happy Holiday. Pesach, or Passover, one of the most…
Showing 7 of 119 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 517Next >