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  • Approved unto God

    August is here. Leaves turn color, the weather gets cooler, sweet corn is everywhere—and the new school year begins! I look at the students who arrive on Moody’s Chicago campus (who are, by the way, somehow getting…
  • Seeking God Together

    Greetings Today in the Word readers! I am honored to serve you as executive editor. And I want you to know it is our desire at Today in the Word to encourage you to spend time with Jesus each day in God’s Word. 
  • A Champion at 90

    A few days ago, when I passed by the desk of our executive editor, Paul Currie, I saw two little books—one titled To Him, and the other For Him. Both books were poetry. I was interested. Paul told me he received these…
  • "Important Words from a Close Friend"

    Romans 13:7 encourages us to give honor to whom honor is due. I would like to do exactly that in this column: give honor to my friend and yours, Mike Kellogg. How do I know he’s your friend, too? Well, because I know…
  • "This is my gospel"

    Two wonderful holidays punctuate our year—Christmas and Easter. Both are great mysteries—God’s awesome power and mercy manifested on earth. But I often think I understand Christmas. The manger, the little town of…
  • Knowing Christ

    When we read the New Testament, many aspects in the lives of first-century Christians seem distant and unimaginable to 21st-century Americans. We simply can’t relate to constant persecutions, prosecutions, and…
  • The Matter of the Heart

    February is the month when many celebrate love and romance on Valentine’s Day. As followers of Jesus Christ, we know that God offers us amazing love that forgives sin, changes lives, and brings us into relationship…
Showing 7 of 105 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 515Next >