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  • What Do I Want? Searching Scripture To Find Answers To That Question

    What if your calling from God feels selfish? Missionaries have long had to wrestle with that question, particularly when family members resist the idea that obedience to God means they won’t see their loved ones for…
  • Life Together as the Church

    Have you ever watched a behind-the-scenes documentary about how a movie was made? The book of Acts is kind of a “behind-the-scenes” look on how the church was formed. It is the historical retelling of the origins of the…
  • The Controller's Office: Work and Prayer with Today in the Word

    This month’s theme reminded me that we at Today in the Word have the best job! We have the privilege to focus our work on the Word, and make each working day “today in the Word.” I wondered how other departments at…
  • Michael Rydelnik: The Road to Faith

    We are glad to welcome Dr. Michael Rydelnik to Today in the Word’s Q&A team. His first Q&A column appears in this issue. A scholar specializing in the Hebrew Bible, the history of the Jewish people, the land of…
  • Change in Ukraine: Its Problems, Potential, and Power

    As I write this column (early March), military units and armored vehicles of a foreign aggressor roam the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. Russian troops, and troops pretending not to be Russian, seized control of Crimea. 
  • Beyond the Wardrobe

    Jewish people have always had a lot of problems with Jesus of Nazareth—when He was on earth and still today. The biggest problem and an intriguing question: Is He indeed the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament? And…
  • Encounters with Jesus: Do Not Be Afraid

    Dear readers, we started our “Encounters with Jesus” series to share the stories of Jesus’ presence in your lives. We are grateful for your letters, where you describe some of your most precious memories. Thank you for…
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