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  • Final Admonitions

    Taking their cue from Ecclesiastes 3, the musical group The Byrds produced the 1965 hit, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” One stanza proclaims: “A time of love, a time of hate / A time of war, a time of peace / A time you may…
  • Saved for a Purpose

    Learning is often a matter of repetitions and reminders. Hearing something once is rarely enough to remember it forever; we need to rehearse our previous learning again and again. The same is true in the Christian…
  • Adorning God’s Grace

    A costly jewel is meant to be polished, cleaned, and displayed. Proper care will result in a beautifully shining gem for others to see. Neglect of the jewel, however, will leave it tarnished and hidden from sight. In…
  • Sound Faith, Sound Living

    After the trauma of major surgery, the body must rest and heal. Doctors, nurses, and family members all work hard to help the patient regain a sound, healthy body, where all the parts are whole and functioning properly. 
  • Rebuke Opponents of the Faith

    Today, when we receive a letter, email, or text, we understand the meaning largely because we share a cultural context with the sender. The same, of course, was true for ancient letters such as the one written to Titus. 
  • Qualities of Godly Leadership

    New parents quickly realize the fragility and dependency of the new life entrusted to them. A newborn requires protection, love, and nourishment, and a growing child will need godly parents to provide education,…
  • A Radical Plea

    Yesterday we saw the way Paul challenged Philemon to see Onesimus differently now that the slave had become a Christian. Today, Paul challenges another common Roman practice: the treatment of runaway slaves with severe…
Showing 7 of 4968 ResultsPage1, 2, 3, 4, 5710Next >